True peace

Love Eternal

This Cd is Positive, Upbeat, Political, Non-religious but very spiritual, Uplifting and Inspirational. A mix of Rock, Reggae, and world rhythms "True Peace" is one of the most important releases of the year.

Love Eternal's latest release has a simple but profound message, “Peace on Earth is Possible.” TRUE PEACE, the 5th full length album by music ministers/activists Love Eternal, features 15 all new tracks fully devoted to the concept of peace. Peace as it relates to individuals, and as it relates to the world we live in. “We wanted to make an album that really applies to everyone” Says the groups lead singer/songwriter Jahred Namaste', “We wanted it to address all subjects relating to peace including what stands in the way, politically and individually” The second track on the album, "A-M-E-R-I-C-A", is a bold choice for a release on the 4th of July. The song was inspired by “A Peoples History of the United States” by Howard Zinn, and is a very critical look at the United States, past and present. “I can be a Patriot and still speak the Truth, I can love my country and still stand up to it” says the lyrics of track 7 “Do We Know” while track 3 “Walk with Eachother” speaks directly to relationships and the perceptions we have of each other. “Its important to me that people understand this music is our medicine, we sing these lyrics because it is what we need to hear, not because we have mastered the concepts they address” states Shawna Namaste' co-singer/songwriter in the band. The music on TRUE PEACE is upbeat and fun, featuring an eclectic mix of rock, reggae, and acoustic style rhythms, with every lyric of all 15 songs speaking directly to the listener about the concept of Peace. “Our message comes first, after that comes the style of music that we feel will best get that message across” says Jahred about their choice of songs and styles. Although many of Love Eternal's releases have been in the “Reggae” genre this album definitely hits a more main stream audience with its “Conscious Pop” feel. The title track “True Peace” has a bouncy latin rock groove to it, "Blessings Here" and "Love Heals All" show a sweeter, gentler side, while the tracks “Mountain Top” and "Beautiful and Strong" have the traditional roots reggae flavor that Love Eternal fans are used to. From start to finish this album is a musically and lyrically sound piece of art/activism that will leave a lasting impact on it's listeners. The CD will be available for purchase July 4th 2010 at, Streetlight Records, and Logos Books in Santa Cruz, and after that will eventually make it to I-tunes, Rhapsody, and other online retailers. About Love Eternal: Love Eternal formed in April 2003 in Santa Cruz, California and has since recorded 5 full length albums and two E.P.s. many of which have received national and international radio play. At the groups core is singer/songwriters Jahred and Shawna Namaste' who not only share a love of music, and each other, but raise three beautiful children together as well. Multi-instrumentalist, Ray “of Sunshine” Napoli, and percussionist, Namasya Carpenter have been core members of the group since its conception, while a larger, rotating community of Santa Cruz musicians have taken part in various Love Eternal shows and recordings over the past 7 years. Love Eternal's members consider themselves to be activists and ministers, not just musicians, and every lyric of every song confirms this. Whether on a Cd, as an acoustic ensemble, or backed by a full band and choir, Love Eternal's music is sure to bring a deeper perspective to all who share in it. For more information visit
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