by Love Eternal

Released 2009
Love Eternal records
Released 2009
Love Eternal records
Inspirational message of Truth and Love. "Life is a Holy Miracle" Mantras for the new day. Upbeat yet noninvasive, with beautiful harmonies and tight instrumentation. Recorded at Creekside studio in the Santa Cruz Mts. Let this music be your medicine.
The 1st Album from Love Eternal's new Creekside studio. Featuring the sound of the creek as the opening and closing, this musically inspirational masterpiece has become daily medicine for many. It is short and to the point, with 5 songs that speak directly to the heart of humanity, and remind us that "All is well with our souls" and "Life is a Holy Miracle" 1 minute into the 1st track "Miracle" and I am sure you will see why this album is a True Gem. Enjoy!

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